IKA – Istarska kulturna agencija – Agenzia culturale Istriana is a cultural public institution founded by Istrian Region -Regione IstrianaIKA is founded with the aim of supporting the development of the cultural sector in Istria. IKA will primarily work on linking the cultural sector into complementary units in order to lower the costs of program realization, better use of scattered resources, both financial and human, and to help the cultural organizations from Istria to establish the quality links at the international level. All that in an effort to strengthen the cultural sector. The main existence of the IKA is networking in formal networks as well as linking and collaborating on program implementation. Also participating in networks through which it can act to create a better framework for working in culture at regional, national and European level, as well as providing support to organizations that are members of such networks.


Istrian Cultural Agency as a public institution has aim to develop cultural activities in the Istrian County. The Istrian Cultural Agency provides support to existing cultural subjects through information, education, capacity building, production, promotion, mediation, moderation and facilitation of communication with local government bodies, scientific and business. The Istrian Cultural Agency organizes its work through program clusters that are dependent on the needs of the cultural sector in the Istrian County and the priorities defined by the Istrian cultural strategy.


To achieve these goals, it is necessary to establish a strong cooperation of professional, amateur and independent cultural activities and their joint activities with the aim of nurturing and valorizing culture and cultural heritage. In addition, it is necessary to connect within and outside different sectors: culture, education, economy, tourism and sport.


The vision of the Istrian Cultural Agency is a strong cultural sector of the Istrian County, which is an inevitable factor of economic, social, cultural and scientific development of Istria.


Affirmation and promotion of cultural and artistic creativity in the Istrian County


Strengthen awareness and promotion of cultural values as resources for local community development


Sectoral and cross-sectoral cooperation on project and program implementation


Networking and co-operation with similar institutions, civil society organizations in the country and abroad, especially in relation to joint projects from EU funds



IKA’s core activities are established by the Statute, and IKA’s work and tasks are carried out by the employees of the institution assigned to the positions set out in the Rulebook on IKA’s Internal Organization. The internal organization ensures rational and effective performance of activities and implementation of the work program.


In carrying out its activities, the Istrian Cultural Agency implements, affirms and encourages cultural-artistic creativity in all parts of the Istrian County, which creates human, spatial and other conditions and coordinates cultural-artistic activities of interest to the entire Istrian County.


Encouraging and supporting the networking of the public, private and civil sector


Strengthening the capacity of the civil, public and economic sector for cross-sectoral partnership


Participation in defining and developing cultural strategies of the Istrian County


Activities of advocacy and promotion of the cultural sector’s work in the Istrian County


Implementation of county, national and international strategies and other development documents


Promotion of the Istrian County as a location and destination for film, TV, TV commercials and other forms of audio-visual production


Organizational units do not have legal personality or authority in legal proceedings.

The Istrian Cultural Agency is organized in following units, due to a rational and effective performance of its activities:



Croatian Cluster of Competitiveness of Creative and Cultural Industries – HKKKKI

IKA-Istrian Cultural Agency is a member of the Croatian Cluster of Competitiveness of Creative and Cultural Industries (HKKKKI) since 2016.

Creativity and culture are the most important natural resources of our country whose driving force needs to be upheld. However, they will really become that potential only when they receive special significance and recognition as the developmental potential of the state. With this idea, at the initiative of the Croatian Ministry of Economy, the Croatian Cluster of Competitiveness of Creative and Cultural Industries – HKKKKI was founded.

More information at: HKKKKI

The Istria Film Commission is a member of the European Film Commission Network since November 2015.

The European Film Commission Network (EUFCN) is a non-profit organization that supports and promotes European film industry and culture. The organization started operations in 2005, and today has over 86 film offices from 28 European countries.

The main goals of the organization are to create a network of the most active European film commissions, to promote and exchange information among members, to foster the development of location scouting and shooting opportunities, and to organize professional and educational activities for its members. In addition, the European Film Commission Network works to promote the activities of public institutions, the European community and the film industry in general; conducts projects funded by the EU; supports the film industry; organizes seminars and conferences and analyzes and meets the needs of film and TV producers.

More information at:  EUFCN

We believe that membership in the international network is contributing to networking with film industry organizations, which is essential for the development and promotion of Istria’s visibility at local and national levels.

EUFCN – European Film Commission Network



Civil society organizations and the independent cultural scene have great significance for culture. The quality of the scene depends on the creativity and innovativeness of its participants and their involvement in international projects.

During 2014. And 2015. an Assessment of Cultural Needs and Capacities was carried out and on the basis of the data collected in this research, several recommendations were defined for the further work of IKA and the development of the cultural sector in the Istrian County. (Report on Assessed Needs Assessment of Culture Organizations in the Istrian County, SMART Association, 2015).

Results from the research carried out, has showed that the civil society organizations in culture and the independent cultural scene and institutions in culture often face the lack of capacity to carry out their own high quality creative ideas and projects.

By building the capacity of organizations in culture, we will enhance the knowledge and skills of cultural organizations’ representatives for their active participation in policy-making and public advocacy; we will contribute to active participation in programming and monitoring the use of domestic public, private and EU funds.

During the mandate period from 2018-2022. The aim of IKA is to be profiled as a platform for learning and building social relationships.


Based on the Decision of the President of the Istrian County (29th October 2014), IKA is responsible for coordinating and preparing the use of funds from the Creative Europe 2014-2020 Program and the MEDIA and Culture sub-programs. This includes informing and monitoring administrative bodies, companies and Istrian County’s institutions, cities, municipalities, citizens and other potential beneficiaries of announced tenders and providing expert assistance in project applications.

The European Union’s Creative Europe Program (2014-2020) is a seven-year program for the cultural and audiovisual sector, which includes two separate sub-programs – the Culture sub-program and the MEDIA sub-program.

For all information on Culture and MEDIA sub-programs, please select one of the links /icons below.


For decades, Istria has been developing as a well-known tourist destination, so in the context of further tourism development it has been decided to take a step further and focus on positioning the region on the map of prominent film locations.

Istria has tremendous potential that with its beauties, along with classic tourism, gets its place in the movie travel map, which can significantly affect the extension of the tourist season.

Istrian Film Commission – Istria Film Commission was established in 2015 as part of the Istrian Cultural Agency – Istrian Cultural Agency with the goal of developing Istria as a recognizable and attractive film destination.

The Istrian Film Commission acts as a service mediating audio-visual productions in streamlining bureaucratic procedures for shooting at certain locations and providing other services and assistance, such as logistics, licensing assistance, mapping of workers and services, and finding interesting movie sites..

For interesting film locations, visit: Istria Film Commission



The activity of the Istrian Cultural Agency is public.

IKA reports to citizens and legal entities about its activity or part of its activities:


by means of public communication


holding conferences and counselling




other appropriate ways

The Istrian County can rightfully boast a rich tangible and intangible cultural heritage, as well as contemporary production based on the past or future, using new technologies and innovative thinking models.

Culture is an important segment of the development policy of the Istrian County. Cultural organizations and institutions contribute to the increase of the quality of life and local development.

There are numerous cultural events in Istria – exhibitions, literary events, music events, scientific gatherings, film festivals, art colonies, folklore festivals, etc. One of the basic tasks of IKA should be to meet the needs of all social groups with attractive programs and projects.

IKA must work in service of the community and local development.

IKA manages the web pages www.IKA-aci.hr and www.istriafilmcommission.com with the aim of public presentation of its goals, activities and results, thus informing and communicating with its users.

IKA Facebook page

KA is also active on social networks where it publishes information on tenders, invitations, education programs and other useful information from the cultural sector on a daily basis

Istria Film Commission

IKA regularly publishes useful information for the audio-visual sector as well as information that promotes media literacy and promotes Istria as a film destination.


For the realization of the planned programs budget funds for regular activities will be used, as well as funds from the public needs program, donations in materials and services, as well as the funds obtained through funding for projects and programs from national and international donors.


THE LAW ON THE RIGHT TO ACCESS INFORMATION ((NN 172/03 and 114/10)) regulates the right of access to information and the reuse of information held by public authorities. Physical and legal persons submit the request for access to information. The written request is submitted to the following address: IKA – Istarska kulturna agencija – Agenzia culturale Istriana, 52100 Pula, Carrarina 1  or via e-mail: info@ika-aci.hr

An oral request could be made directly to the record at the IKA – Istarska kulturna agencija – Agenzia culturale Istriana at Carrarina 1, Pula – every working day during office hours.

Information Officer – Aleksandra Vinkerlić

How to achieve the information citizens are entitled to? Visit GONG


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